A new idol thus born



I often wondered at the luck of those who were there to witness the power and magic of idols like Martin Luther King, Mahatama Gandhi, Napoleon Bonaparte, Abraham Lincoln, Jawahar Lal Nehru etc. However recently Delhi too witnessed a leader of the new era- Arvind Kejriwal. A common man on strikes and rebellions to the CM of the capital of India, Delhi.

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne says “whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve”. This theoretical doctrine was transformed into reality by this man. He showed how a simple engineer can aim to change the world. Kejriwal who hails from a small village, became educated and sought to do what the commoners can’t think of. While the commons talk of the issues spurting debates, arguments sitting in a circle of friends; Kejriwal made that circle the entire country.

Since the time he came as a challenge to the hegemonic political parties of India-Congress and BJP, he was mocked at, mimicked and abused. All this as a defense mechanism to control the ‘one’ voice of outward rebellion. His simple dressing sense, from his muffler to his ‘Gandhian cap’ all were used as caricatures to mock him. Even mockery over networking sites couldn’t shake his courage.

Kejriwal began his professional life as an engineer. His higher aims in life lead him to the job of income tax commissioner. However the honest and principled man in him never allowed the discrepancies in income tax department to pass his notice. He thus organized NGO’s like Parivartan and Kabir to fight the rights of the common man. He went to the extent of joining a protest against corruption in the form of a fast unto death with Anna Hazare and landing into the politics for its cleansing altogether. He thus became a menace to the ‘no one fearing’ political parties. He fought his very first election as a leader of a new party named Aam Admi Party which defeated Sheila Dixit. The one who won 3 consecutive elections for CM in Delhi, by 22,000 seats.

This man came into politics to cure the system and soon became an enemy to the corrupt power of tones enjoying the prestige of richness. He unmasked people like Robert Wadra, Anil Ambani, and many ministers of parliament. His only power was his faith in himself and his supporters, the commons.

He identified the heart of the common man. Everything he said was with respect to the people of India. No oratorical skills, no use of hyperbole or rhetoric’s. But simple language from a common man to the commons. The only thing made him the leader is his undying spirit, his perseverance for his goal.

The commons end a debate concluding on the mighty power of politicians. However this man changed the idea of government governed not by those in power but by those who gave the powerful their power. He crushed the long nourished arrogance of the so called powerful political party fighting, alone. He with his handful of ministers was capable of sweeping the players of politics.

Kejriwal in 2013 had resigned his seat as a CM of Delhi when he crushed the power of Congress into pieces. Though he resigned because of his principles, he was defamed as a coward who ran away from the duties assigned to him. All powerful bodies clubbed against him. Famous anchors of renowned news channels like Aajtak, Ndtv and Zee news interviewed Kejriwal in a hostile manner. Their purpose seemed to annoy him so that another accusation against him could be formulated. An NGO AVAM which comprises of people detached from AAP political party posed allegations on Kejriwal on the funds he received during the elections. Leaders of BJP and Congress were no less in ridiculing him. BJP went to an extreme extent. Not only did the PM hailing from BJP held four rallies all having the same subject- abuse of Kejriwal. More so, their CM candidate Kiran Bedi used derogatory language to address Kejriwal, the one who repeatedly called her his ‘sister’. When the world stood against the common man with its full force, he used the power of his commonness to defeat the powerful.

In every interview he said he trusts his people, he believed in himself, in his fate. When his own party disintegrated after the fall of his government in 2013, his fame descended. Nevertheless the man still rose to power, winning the hearts of yet more number of people now. On February 10, 2015 he changed the face of Indian politics. The miraculous victory even after so many hardships came like what people called a tsunami. Even the power of the heartthrob PM couldn’t sway people elsewhere. Nor did the advertisements in newspapers caricaturing Kejriwal had any effect on those hypnotized by the strength and bravery the man epitomizes. Even the founders of Congress fear assassination and therefore never contest elections on the face of it. Here a man with no powerful affiliations, no support from the elites, Bollywood or a religious guru dares to fight even the PM.

Such valor isn’t seen nowadays when the common fears to help even an accident victim laying on the road, fearing the police and the system. This man entered the politics when the youth was so wary of the corruption in politics. He identified their cause and led the young into a direct debate with the politics of India. Hitherto many registered voters didn’t vote feeling nothing can change the face of our government. But Kejriwal’s words did make a significant change. The numbers of voters increased from 58% in 2012 to 66% in 2013 and 67% in 2014 elections. 2013 was the year Kejriwal rose to power and thence rose the voter count. He affirmed the youth that they too can change the scenario they are fed up with.

Today, Delhi is ready for the birth of a new India, when the common man will sit on a throne of power. The power that is required to cleanse the system with sheer honesty and moral strength. To change the face of Indian politics from a quagmire to a transparent administration. He made use of the word democracy and taught a lesson to the arrogant. From now on no common could say ‘I can’t bring about change, I am a common man’